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Sharing recorded files with a classroom – Google Classroom

Once a recording has finished, it should be saved to the teachers Google Drive where it can be accessed, viewed and shared with individuals and classrooms directly. The below steps will help you to share your recordings with a classroom.  

Step 1: Access your drive. 


Step 2: Once in Google Drive, you should see a list of folders on the left. You’ll need to click on My Drive and then Meet Recordings. Please note that recordings can take a little while to appear. 


Step 3: Sharing recordings with a classroom:  

The easiest way is to share your recording is within the classroom itself. You can share this as a part of the stream if it’s just a generic video or if it’s more of a specific subject video it can be shared as material (see 3.1.2) 

Step 4: From within your classroom make sure you are on Stream. Click Announce something to you class and add text in the box. The text is required for you to be able to Post. 

Step 5: Click on Add and then Google Drive. 


Step 6: In the following pop up box, click on MY DRIVE and then Meet Recordings 

Step 7: Once in Meet Recordings you can then pick the file that you require. The file will also be available in Recent or search for it by the file name.  


Step 8: Highlight the file or files that you require by clicking on them and then clicking Insert. You’ll then be returned to your classroom page and you can hit Post! If you’d like to save the announcement as a draft or schedule posting it for a later time, click the down arrow next to Post. 


Step 9: Once you hit Post the Meet recording will then be available for all in the Stream. 


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