LGfL Digital Transformation Partner

London Grid for Learning (LGfL) wishes to work in close partnership with organisations who directly support Schools, Academies, Trusts and other educational institutions regarding the use of ICT. LGfL also believes that it would be beneficial for such organisations to work with LGfL, an organisation which provides services to thousands of schools across the UK.

“The Partnership Framework is about helping schools harness technology, save money and keep children safe. We recognise the fundamental role that third-party support organisations have in schools and the need to work in partnership to ensure LGfL’ s services are seamlessly and effectively integrated into the IT landscape for the school”

Statement from John Jackson – CEO LGfL

We are an LGfL Digital Transformation Partner and currently support numerous schools within London and have a very close working relationship with both LGfL and Adept.

For more information about the services provided by LGfL and how we can support your school within the LGfL, please call us on 0208 1111 212.

LGfL Digital Transformation Partner