LGfL Inspire Team

The Inspire Team offer varied support to schools so they can get the most from their ‘Let’s Get Digital Subscription’.

All our LGfL schools can access upcoming training opportunities held in Liverpool Street and Camden CLC. Please also remember to sign up for the LGfL Annual Conference and subscribe to the regular Curriculum Blogs.

The Inspire Team are currently promoting their “Big 5” resources when delivering training to a primary audience (these are listed below). Which of those resources is currently used most often in your school? N.B You can only select one answer (once you have clicked – that’s your answer, you are unable to change it afterwards):

  • BusyThings
  • Just2Easy Tool Suite
  • Switched on Science
  • Audio Network
  • LGfL’s Widgit Symbol Library and Resource Bank

Inspire Team Support for Schools

Schools requesting LGfL support are being asked to complete a pre-support checklist; this will enable The Inspire Team to highlight pertinent training on offer that you may not have seen (and even a possible school visit by one of the members of the Inspire Team, if they feel this is suitable/they have availability). Please click on:- www.inspiresurvey.lgfl.net to open and complete the checklist for your school.

In addition, the Inspire Team are also encouraging schools to complete the LGfL’s Digital Transformation Framework (DTF) to help schools with their adoption of cloud technology and to identify where their priorities should be:- www.dtfaudit.lgfl.net

LGfL Inspire Team resources