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Scheduling lessons – Google Classroom

This section will explain how to schedule a meeting for a classroom. Here you can find a Link to a Google guide for this, however please note that this seems to be a due to an update by Google and some of the information included will probably be obsolete for what you require.  

Below is a quick reference guide from the most recent version of Google Classroom created by Inspire ICT.  

Step by Step guide to schedule lessons via Google Calendar 

Step 1: Click on the “waffle” in the top right, next to your user account and then click Calendar. 

Step 2: Once the Calendar opens, click on Create in the top left. 


Step 3: Click on More Options 

Step 4: Follow the below:  

    1. Create a title.  
    2. Click ‘Doesn’t repeat’ to change the date/time/reoccurrence.  
    3. Click ‘Add Google Meet video conferencing’, if you require a Google Meet with pupils.  
    4. Click on the calendar name and change it to your classroom name.  
    5. Under ‘Guest permissions’ untick Invite others and See guest list. You don’t need to Add guests or the pupils individually but it is important to change the calendar it is pointing to, to be your classroom calendar. This will then appear in the calendar for all members of the classroom.  
    6. Before you click Save, please see our article on preventing pupils from joining lessons early and without teacher supervision. 

Alternative method

There is another way this can be done from within classroom. When you are assigning classwork you can use the classroom meet link and then copy and paste it within the assignment itselfThat way it can all be there in the assignment, along with other work that you set or files you attach or questions you have for pupils and so on. Once you have copied and pasted the link, you can then reset it (see 4.1 – step 2), copy the new link and then use that for another assignment. These could be done early and then saved as drafts from within the assignment creation window, so that on the required day they can be posted before the lesson begins. If you do it this way, before hitting the ‘Assign’ button you can pick more than one class under ‘For’, providing you are a member of more than one class. There is also the function to schedule when the assignment will be posted from within the assignment creation window. However, do be aware that if you use the assignment schedule function, even though you might be a member of more than one classroom, you can only schedule it to one classroom at a time. 

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