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Logging ICT Support Issues – Helpdesk tips

We would like to encourage all staff to raise ICT support cases via the school’s online ICT support helpdesk*. Our online helpdesk is the most efficient method of communicating ICT support issues to our team. The main benefits of using the helpdesk are;

(As the helpdesk jobs are visible to all staff, please do not log any personal or sensitve data on the helpdesk – this information needs to be passed on to the technician directly.)

  • Accountablility – by logging jobs, we can monitor when jobs have been raised and how long you’ve been waiting for a resolution. It also helps both the technician on-site and Inspire ICT as we have an archive list of jobs raised, completed and the resolutions that we can use to demonstrate the work carried out over time
  • Repeat cases – we can search through the support logs to see if a job has been raised before and repeat the resolution or try another approach if it’s a repeat issue on the same machine (i.e. the previous resolution hasn’t worked)
  • Printable job list – quite often the technicians are given jobs verbally as they pass in the corridor or come into the staff room.  With so many staff and multiple schools, it is incredibly hard to recall all of the jobs given verbally – especially if there’s insufficient time in the current session and a job rolls over to the following session.  With jobs logged on the helpdesk, this isn’t the case as it can always be referred back to
  • Preparaton – when helpdesk jobs are logged, an automated e-mail is sent directly to your technician, this means that the technician can prepare for jobs prior to the next visit.  It may mean, for example that the technician knows to bring a specific cable or tool for the session to fix an issue
  • Remote support – if jobs are logged on the helpdesk and can be fixed remotely, it gives us the opportunity to resolve jobs much faster than having to wait until the next scheduled session
  • Job overload – as the helpdesk is monitored remotely, it is much easier for us to monitor the state of the helpdesk and assign more resources to resolve the jobs if the helpdesk jobs start to build up beyond what can be achieved in regular session time
  • Keeping track of bigger jobs – if a particular job runs over a few sessions, the helpdesk ‘Comments’ section helps the technician keep track of how far they have got with the job
  • Evidence – we get frequently asked by school’s Governing Bodies to give a breakdown of the jobs we do for the school and the helpdesk gives us a clear list of all completed jobs

We have recently redesigned the Helpdesk support pages to make it easier to keep track of jobs and to improve the look and feel of the helpdesks.  If you have any questions about the Helpdesk or how it works, please e-mail or raise a support case 🙂

If your username is not on the list of users on the helpdesk, please raise a case under someone else’s name and request that you be added.

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