Flash in Google Chrome

Mar 16, 2018   //   by Andy Badger   //   Free tutorials  //  No Comments

You will no doubt be aware that Google Chrome no longer allows Flash content on websites to operate without some significant intervention. We’ve been advising for a while now that any sites you visit with Flash content should be viewed in Internet Explorer. We anticipate that Flash will soon be phased out and this problem will go away by itself but in the meantime, see the info below to give you a brief explanation of why Flash has been blocked on Google Chrome.

Flash is a problem and it has been one for a long time. It slows down web-page loading, it drains batteries and most importantly, it has a long history of security vulnerabilities. Google has been taking steps to protect users from Flash since at least 2011 when they released a tool that converted Flash to HTML5. In December 2016, HTML5 became the default for Chrome, Google’s world-leading desktop browser. How Chrome handles the small minority of websites that still use Flash has led to confusion about whether Flash content can be accessed in Google’s browser.


Very few websites still use Flash because it has serious problems and a much better alternative exists in HTML5. W3Techs estimates that only 7.1% of all websites use Flash. If you visit these websites and Chrome is your browser, you may notice oddities and apparent inconsistencies in how the websites behave in Chrome.


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