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The Share files feature is designed to allow USO-users to share files securely with any other USO account holders within their school, in other school, in the Local Authority, or any other establishment that uses USO authentication.

Please note that this feature can only be used by staff members who have at least some storage space available to them in myDrive. If a person has no myDrive space, the page will be disabled until some free space is available. When a person does have myDrive space, they will be able to share files up to the value of their available space.

Individual files of up to 1.5GB can be uploaded and more than one file can be shared simultaneously. However, you must have at least 1.5GB of free storage space to be able to share a file of that size.

You can share files with one or more individuals at the same time, via a group you create on the fly for one-off use or you can save groups for repeat use.

There are several steps in the sharing process and the progress bar at the top of the page indicates which stage you have reached.

You will need to select one or more people with whom to share files.

There are 4 different methods available for finding the relevant people.

If you know someone’s entire username, simply enter it in the box and click Find & add.

If you do not know the person’s username or need to add a number of different people, use the Specific Users button to search for people.

This will produce a popup window that allows you to search.

You will be able to search for staff members in any school within your local authority.

You can search by role such as Staff, Head, Nominated Contact or Governor and assuming those roles are defined in the school, the correct person should be found.

If you need to ensure that only users with second-factor authentication (OTP tags) will receive your file, then tick the box to Restrict recipients.

When you find the person or people you require, click Add recipients to create your list.

You can continue to perform different searches until the required individuals have all been added.

Once your recipient list starts to build up, you will view all members on the main page.

Alternatively, or in addition to doing the above, you wish to include individuals already present in an existing group.

Select the Existing Groups button to view groups.

This will open a popup showing existing groups from which you can select.

Choose a group and click Add recipients.

These will all be listed individually on the main page.

You will then be able to delete either an individual from the chosen group by choosing Delete User button or the entire group by choosing the Delete Profile button .

There is also the option to search for large groups of people by using the School/Profile search.

You can either select a particular establishment and users with a particular profile within that or you can select users by USO profile from all the schools within your LA.

If choosing users across all schools, you can break it down to the school type so for example you can choose all Nominated Contacts in PRUs.

To add them to the list, click Add recipients and all members of the group will appear individually in the overall list.

Depending on the selection, a very large list could be produced.

All members of the selected group will be shown and individual recipients can be deleted if needed.

When your recipients are all correct, click the Next button to upload files.

The following options are available when sharing files:

Heading: The heading will appear in the “Received files” list of the recipient. If no heading is entered, there will be a blank space.

Message: The message will appear in the email notification sent to recipients and will also appear with the file in the “Received files” list.

Below the Message box, is a tickbox that allows you to turn whatever text is in the message box into a separate file. This means that no message will be shown to the recipient.

They will need to download a text attachment to view the message. Nothing will be transmitted in the email directly. If you wish to upload existing files, do not use the tickbox.

Options available for file tracking:

Require OTP tag to download this document:  This requirement should be set when creating the group and will be disabled from use by the time this stage is reached.

Email me whenever the document is downloaded: If selected, this will send you an email each time a recipient downloads the document (even if the same recipient downloads it 20 times).

Email every recipient whenever the document is downloaded: All recipients will get an email each time anyone downloads the file(s).

Delete document automatically when all recipients have acknowledged it: If selected, the document will be deleted after ALL recipients have downloaded the file(s).

Email me to confirm that the document uploaded completed: If selected, this will send you an email once the document(s) are successfully uploaded into the system. In the case of large files that could take some time, this means that you don’t need to monitor the upload.

Automatically delete document on: If you wish to delete the document on a particular date, tick to select the option, then pick a date.

All the options described above can be used in combination with each other or separately.

Click Next to proceed to uploading files.

You can upload files in 3 ways:

Drag and drop from your desktop

Upload from your computer using the traditional selection method

Upload a file that is already stored within your myDrive

You can share multiple files at once.

There is no technical limit on the size of each file. HOWEVER, you can only share files to the maximum value of your free myDrive space (eg: if you have 500MB of space left, then the total size of all the shared files can be 500MB). The myDrive storage space will become free again when the shared files get deleted.

Once you have uploaded one or more files, click Finish.

Before it completes, you will see a summary screen. This will allow you to confirm that everything is correct.

If you are happy with the summary, click the Yes, continue button in order to finish the sharing of the file(s).

All recipients will now get an email alert and a link to download the file.

Note: if you later discover that you have sent the wrong file or chose the wrong recipients, you can simply stop people from accessing the file by deleting it from your own Shared files list.

This will remove the file from the server and make it unavailable to anyone trying to download it.

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