Send Encrypted Files to non LGfL Users using USO-FX2

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The Push files feature allows you to share files securely with individuals who may not have a USO account but with whom you need to exchange sensitive information.

In order to share a file with someone via this method, all you need is their email address and their mobile phone number.

Share file by uploading a document

Enter the recipient’s correct email address and their mobile phone number. Both elements are essential!

The recipient will receive an email link from which to download your file and a text message will provide the code they need to enter in order to begin the download.

After entering their details you will need to upload a file.

If you wish to send the same file to multiple recipients use the Add More button to add people to the list. Each person will then be able to download the file for themselves.

Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Select a file either by finding it on you local device or network, or alternatively, share a file that you already have stored in your myDrive space.

Share file without uploading document

Enter the recipient’s details as described above.

Then, instead of selecting the first option to upload a file, select the second option to turn a text message into a file. Click Next to enter the message.

Now enter the message into the text box on your screen and click Push as file when done.

The message will get converted into a text file and will be available to the recipient to download as a separate document.

Please note that the recipient will be able to download by using the link in their email and activating it by the code they enter. The link will then remain active for 5 minutes only.

Files you have shared previously

If for any reason you need a history of files you’ve previously shared via the “Push file” feature, a list of all past files will be available at the bottom of the page.

The codes issued with each file will also be visible in case the recipient has lost or has not received the text. You will be able to provide the code again if needed.

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